Sandrine Estrade Boulet

Look here,
or down,

Let's have fun
and contemplate.

To rest on a bench, even for two minutes.
To stop running around and gaze at something else
than our own two feet, to take the time to gaze at our everyday surroundings, to discover it anew.
To wait.
To see, rather than look.

Her delicate and playful work reveals what Sandrine likes best: to imagine and create spontaneous images that induce a sense of well-being, make us smile and enable us to discover anew the joyful and poetic qualities of everyday life.
This is what interests and amuses her.

This is why she likes to mix photography (which reflects reality) with drawings (the imaginary input) .

'As a child, we spend hours lying on the grass, watching shapes forming in the clouds, and well, I decided that should never end.'

What about you, what are you going to see today ?