Laurent Chéhère

flying houses

Laurent Chehere is a french photographer born in 1972 in Paris.
These flying houses is a poetic vision and the fruit of his "explorations" of poor neighborhoods of Paris and its suburbs.
He was inspired by some movies as "Howl's castle" from Hayao Miyazaki, "The Red Balloon" from Albert Lamorisse and a lot of influences as Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini, Marcel Carné and french movies before WW2.
He likes to explore cities, suburbs, country, as he likes to explore all fields of photography, from reportage to conceptual picture.
From his interest to Paris, architecture, movies, reportage and conceptual ideas, was born the "Flying houses".
He try to highlight forgotten buildings to show their hidden beauty and getting them out from the anonymity of the street to help them tell their stories, real or imagined, funny or sad.
He was interested in all kinds of people, gypsies in caravan, african immigrants the heart full of hope sailing to one of these insalubrious buildings, a dwarf clown trying to light a cigarette on the roof of a sad circus, an old erotic cinema in Pigalle, a small neighborhood cafe, a decrepit hotel, as well as a pretty boring little suburban house.
Some of these houses do not exist or more.
Some of these homes or no longer exist. He has photographed dozens of buildings in the same light, the same light, then reworks all with Photoshop to build one.
In gallery, the images are exhibited in large format, so they make sense, leaving the curious observer care to discover details that heightens realism (graffiti, registration, an anachronism, a character, a name Street, a window, a reference to a movie, a musician ...) and suggest a double reading, a story far and another loan.
In his way, he use tricks to reveal a truth.