Emmanuel Barcilon

Apparitions et évanouissements Invisibles transitions

Lie-Tseu. The cycle of life is an everlasting mutation. Who is able to comprehend the secret changes of heaven and earth? When things wane on one side, they grow on the other. Here, they reach their optimum materiality; there, they empty themselves of their substance. Bloom and decay father one another before they die, and are reborn again, endlessly. They appear and vanish gradually, bind with invisible transitions. But who pays attention? Nowhere, can we observe a force that reaches its full potential instantly, nor ceases to exist abruptly. This is why, we are not aware of flowering or fading; Thus, from birth to old age, man's abilities and outside appearance change each day. Skin, nail, hair, grow and fall continuously. Whatever the time and space, subject or object, change never stop happening. But the transitions between one state and another are elusive. We only recognise them after they occur. It is a strange experience to witness the making of Emmanuel Barcillon 's paintings. From one day to the next, they undergo mutation, their dominant colour change, some of the patterns disappear and others become visible. The transient action becomes its own invisible memory material. The path through time, that the paintings take, remains open to all kind of possibilities, at every instant. The paintings, given to the viewers at the last stage of their process, are therefore the result of all the paintings that combine them.