About us

Souris, mouse [su.ri]

A lively organism, having decided to be small and vivid, curious and receptive, following the concepts of its founders namely, Didier Rossigneux and Anthony Knapik-Bridenne. Since june 2003, it has run around and run around, yet even the most arduous project hasn't been able to resist its energy and its charm. In putting together their ideas and creativity, Anthony, Didier, and their team of graphic artists have put their common passion at your service, in order to add spunk to your creations.

G√Ęteau, cake [ga.to]

Usually eaten at the end of a meal, however, this one won't add even one ounce to your body-weight, it will only nourish inner-creativity, try it in its cozy nest at 16 rue Clovis Hugues, Paris, France, surrounded by an on-premises art library, where you can also feed your higher self.